This site is designed to help you create a simple or sophisticated financial model. The site is divided into two main sections, Basic and Advanced modeling. If you are new to modeling, start with the Basic section. A site map shows all downloads and topics for quick reference. After working through the basic and advanced sections of the site, you will be able to create insightful models of your own.

All of the learning and example downloads on the site are free. The simple model example can be quickly adapted to many situations. This site is copyrighted. Please, do not distribute site materials. Instead, direct anyone interested directly to the site. The store contains an advanced model for purchase if you do not wish to build your own. Once your modeling skills are honed from this site, click the Amazon link and purchase books on valuation and decision making to learn how to fully utilize your new skills. 

Because the web contains many good dictionaries and explanatory sites such as Wikipedia, a financial glossary is not included. Many concepts are explained “in line”. A general knowledge of financial and accounting terms is assumed, but most readers will be able to work through the Basics section with little background or by using outside sources.

Though valuation techniques and pitfalls are touched on in this site, the site is not meant to teach or opine on valuation or valuation techniques. The focus is on applying valuation formulas to a model. While there is also a lot of discussion about how to add useful decision making information to models, this site is also not intended to teach decision making skills. A model is only a small part of reaching a business decision about a company or project.

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